A Montage For You

Save your memories from Fire Flood causes images to be lost Faded Poloroids Mini DVs and High 8 camcorder tapes Scan Slides by A Montage For you Old Film 8mm and Super 8 Old Film Negatives can be scannes as well We even digitize audio reel to reel tapes and cassettes

Do you value your memories?

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Why get pictures scanned & film digitized?

It never ceases to amaze us. According to CNN Money, it cost over $240,000 to raise a child. How much money toward saving those memories did you spend? Your children will appreciate those pictures and videos when they show them to your grandchildren.

How much money did you spend on that wedding photographer and videographer 30+ years ago? Are they around anymore, still alive? How do you save those images? How about all those vacations, short trips, Thanksgiving day feasts that all the family was around the table?

Polaroids, film and video tapes fade and crack, but digital is forever when you back them up correctly! Who is in charge of keeping all those memories alive for the next generation? Let us help you out before it is too late!