A Montage For You

Your Lasting Memories
Are Our Business!

We make video montages. Some people call them slide shows. We don't make slide shows. Your cousin or adminsitrative assistant, can make a PowerPoint or iPad slideshow! What we do is far superior In technology and creativity. Don't believe us? Judge for yourself.

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Why a Montage?

There are so many reasons to put your photos and videos in a montage.

Weddings Bar Mitzvahs Bat Mitzvahs
Birthday Parties Confirmations Graduation
Sweet Sixteen Anniversaries College Admission Videos
Summer Camp Recap Engagement Parties Proposals
Retirement Parties Holiday Parties Mother’s Day
Father’s Day Family Reunion Sports Banquets
Class Reunions Honor Events School Events
Corporate Events Sales Events Store Promotions
Employee Training Real Estate Marketing Fashion Marketing

It is a proven fact that a static or still image cannot elicit as intense of an emotion as a dynamic or moving image. When melded with the appropriate music, your multi-media presentation will make your audience feel what you want them to feel. Tears of joy, uncontrollable laughter, pangs of remembrance, confidence to leap over a quota in a single bound!

What else do we do?

We also offer complete image reproduction, restoration and touch up services. If your old pictures or even new digital photos are not exactly the way you want it, we can touch them up and make them look frame worthy! We can take your old photos, negatives, slides, Super 8, Beta, VHS, Super and Mini VHS or just about any media and put it on a DVD. We can post your content on your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo Account.

We can even put your family pictures and videos on the web in your own personal web site. How would you like a website name like www.RickSmithFamily.com so you are protected from crashes, floods and other catastrophes that could wipe out all of your family's precious memories! Why wait for Katrina II or Sandy II to come visit your area?